VPP license monitor taking forever to complete

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Our VppLicenseMonitor used to run every minute and would complete in about 15-20 seconds or so. Since mid-August, it now averages between 600 and 1000 seconds…sometimes longer. I've been working with our TAM for several weeks now and we still haven't been able to determine the root cause of the issue. Currently, users experience significant lag time when installing apps from Self Service, and sometimes the app fails to install completely. When the app fails to install, the device history log will show failed commands with errors like "Cannot connect to iTunes Store" or "The operation couldn’t be completed. (SSErrorDomain error 141.)" or "License for app “com.xxxxx.xxxxx.xxxxx” could not be found." (even though we have plenty of licenses available for the given app).

Thought I'd ping the Nation to see if anyone else had ever experienced an issue like this. We're currently running JAMF Pro 10.6.

Thanks everyone. ~Joe



Hi @nsdjoe, did you ever get anywhere with this? We're having a similar issue.