VPP Mobile Device Apps not showing in the list

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Hey there

We have VPP licenses purchased for some iOS apps but for some reason the apps are not showing in the Mobile Device Apps list. However if I check the content tab of the (only) VPP account the licenses are there6f5f52f4efc341889dd0b2e7d50cdebf

Any ideas?



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What I do in your situation is to add then via the JSS.

In the mobile device app section I click on the '+' symbol (New) then through that I "Add" the app I bought.

This talks with the iTunes and VPP store so it kind of "Pulls" the app down from Apple rather than a "Push" which if you're using VPP store you are doing.

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What anickless is proposing is working! When I recall these bugs in JAMF I use to switch from Firefox to Chrome-browser and add these apps manually.

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Shouldn't apps synk automatically to Mobile Device Apps after purchase? 04909665a2564b5fac25975d14a35518

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Apps will only automatically show if you have "Populate Purchased VPP Content" selected in the VPP Account. If you don't you'll have to manually add each one to populate.d6db52a597a04e289557d470ef48cc41