VPP Paid Apps ... who can assign restrictions.

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At our school district we have over 8K iPads and I would like to restrict who can assign PAID apps. This to have an accurate account of which schools paid for X amount of  X apps .... we have 53 schools with  300+ carts and we are presently assigning apps to a device name. and in ASM use 1 AppleID to buy the VPP apps.   Is there a simple way to  restrict JAMF USERS to who can assign or un-assign the paid apps . Presently we created static groups that are named like below which assign the app to the iPad.

012-MOUA- APPLICATION - BOOK CREATOR for iPad - 37 of 52  

In our Self Service we have a category called Apps PAID by the school

We would like a way to restrict who can assign an iPad to that group so only the authorized iPad gets the icon in the self-service category...


thank you for any suggestions or advices

regards from Canada



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We use 'Sites' on the Jamf side and 'Locations' on the ASM side to achieve this. I assign a bunch of licenses to a Location, and the corresponding Site admin can assign them to devices or users.