VPP Pending Licenses when scoping iPad apps with limitations set on LDAP groups

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Hey All!

Management has requested that I:

*Make a VPP app scoped to all iPads (more probably in the future)
*Make that app available in Self-Service (not forced deployed)
*Make that app Locked (limitations tab)  to a particular LDAP group so that the app only shows up in self service if your login is a member of that group


We have many policies scoped in Self-Service this way to MacOS devices, and have no issues. When we are trying to do it this way with VPP apps, it seems to break distribution of said app. It keeps putting up a message that says: 

"Pending - All licenses are in use or the license is not assigned yet"

Even though we have made plenty of app licenses available and it shows there are still plenty available in JAMF. My current theory is maybe because we don't use managed apple ID's and it's having trouble getting that info from Apple?  

I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this problem or has a fix for this. 



As long as you have managed distribution enabled on the app in VPP within JAMF its doing device based licensing so AppleID doesn't matter here.  How are you having your users log into self service? do you have SSO enabled?