VPP question for Mac Apps

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We have already purchased Logic Pro X with an Apple ID many years ago
We have only just signed up to DEP and VPP and have a lab of 20 macs that need Logic Pro X as part of the image
Should i just create a package with composer for Logic or is it worth paying for 20 VPP licenses to install it?



The problem with deploying via VPP is not getting Logs. I prefer Composing then using a script for licensing myself.
If you compose an Application tied to an AppleID, you'll run in to issues (log in to App Store prompts) when the app wants to update.

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@GregE If the app is deployed with VPP device assigned, so its not linked to an Apple ID right? How does it get updated, do updates still show in the app store?

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Hi Georgel,

as I understand it, the Computer ID is used as Apple ID.
If you set it up in your Jamf Pro or JSS the VPP Apps will update automatically.
One Setting is in "Computer Management" and "App Updates".
The Second Setting is in "Mac App Store Apps" and there in each App:
You must activate "Automatically update app".


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You may want to check with your compliance folks. A single license for Logic Pro is likely not sufficient for a lab of 20 devices.

VPP is much easier to manage than keeping packages up-to-date. As long as the OS on the device is up-to-date (to meet app requirements), MDM will keep the App Store Apps up-to-date. No Apple ID required.


If you've already got VPP set up, then use that to deploy the licenses. However, I was told by Apple that it is legal to purchase X number of licenses of a piece of software, like FinalCut, tie them all to one Apple ID and then just copy them to each machine with a package. For the app to receive updates, each one of those machines will need to be logged in to that Apple ID in the App Store.