vpp redownload call timed out <mdmclienterror:72>



I am seeing a lot of our systems having the "vpp redownload call timed out <mdmclienterror:72>" error when cliets try to install VPP apps via Self Service on MacOS (most clients are 10.14.2).

I have tried clearing the failed commands, reconning, re-enrolling etc with no luck.

I am hesitant to revoke all apps as I have seen suggested because I am concerned about the number of people who will experience iTunes notifications about apps not being assigned (the staff at this school are fragile...).

Any advice would be appreciated.


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@mjames @whitebeer The issue with storedownloadd crashing during MAS installs is fixed in 10.14.4 Beta 4 (18E205e). This is RADAR 47685116. Let me know if you still see problems after the update. For clarity, typical symptoms of this bug:
- Larger MAS apps like Xcode and Office fail to install and leave behind an .appdownload stub
- Needing to run multiple jamf recon commands to coerce apps to install
- MDMClientError:72 failed command seen in JSS

I've updated https://macadmins.software/mas with the latest info. The largest outstanding issue that I'm still tracking is the inability to update MAS apps through MDM when the user has the app perpetually open.

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My Apple rep told me that he confirmed that <mdmclienterror:72> is resolved in macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 4.

Unfortunately, I need it to work now, in Catalina because I want to leverage Self Service & VPP to upgrade Catalina Macs to Big Sur. Too little too late, Apple (assuming it's actually fixed).

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how are you copying the .app



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There is a annoying fix for this that Jamf support gave me. Go in and delete your entry for the apps and re-create them and they work fine.

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@Monkeyfist Do you mean to create another instance of the app in Computers: Mac App Store Apps?

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@Monkeyfist We tried the remove/re-add apps mumbo-jumbo. Doesn't work for us, unfortunately.


This is so frustrating. From what I understand reading this thread the "vpp redownload" issue is still not fixed and now this "Bag Load Failed". Does anyone know of a fellow admin who uses a different mdm solution. I'd just be curious if they run up against this brick wall too.

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@stranathan wrote:

My Apple rep told me that he confirmed that <mdmclienterror:72> is resolved in macOS Big Sur 11.3 beta 4.

I have high hopes this is true.


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I started seeing this immediately after renewing my expiring DEP and VPP tokens. Was working fine on Catalina 10.15.7 until then.. Now my VPP apps only install on clients with 11.2.3.