Weird NetSUS issue

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Not sure if anyone has encountered this. We have a NetSUS we setup that up until a few days ago had zero issues. We just received our first batch of new iMacs and 15' inch Pros. All of a sudden, we are unable to pull updates from our NetSUS on those machines. We receive the error message "an error has occurred" Can't load data from the Software Update Server. Our Macbook Airs don't have this issue however. Not sure what's going on.



what happens in the apache log when one of the non-working machines tries to run software updates?

to check, ssh into the NetSUS appliance (or just get a shell somehow) and:

tail -f /var/log/apache2/access.log

I'm curious if you will see 404s when one of the new models runs software updates, or if you possibly are setting the catalogURL incorrectly on those machines and it isn't hitting the NetSUS appliance at all.