Weird Pop Up

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Has anyone seen that pop up before? I get this pop up everytime I reboot.


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I noticed this starting yesterday. For me it pops up when I open Terminal. Doesn’t seem to effect or prevent anything. We were recently upgraded to 10.14.

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This is the new Restricted Software UI. I'm hearing reports that previously configured restrictions with no message configured will still display the alert.

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+1 to adamcodega

I got this too after I upgraded to 10.14.

Opened a ticket and it was caused by Restricted Software - I was restricting Facetime, Siri and - disabled the restrictions and box went away immediately. My best guess is that it was Siri but I was so happy to see the box go away didn't troubleshoot further to see specifically which one.

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I suddenly got it constantly (respawn about 1.5 seconds) on all my student machines after 10.14. I spent all day on it. For me it was in restricted software. Sometimes it pops up once per user now, but at least it's easily dismissible.

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Ok, so, is this like a new product issue in 10.14 maybe? I don't see why the behavior from previous would have intentionally changed to work like this now. If a message isn't configured, it should show no message. Because a message pop up with no text is an infinitely worse user experience than just having an app close for example with no message. At least in my opinion.
Also, some Restricted Software is just configured to alert and not actually close or quit the apps. Even if it that's not it's intended purpose, I know some folks use it that way.
So what gives here? For the record I don't have any Restricted Software items configured so I have not seen this myself, but I'm curious to know what's up with this. Can anyone confirm if this is some kind of defect, or is this new intended behavior?

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@pdinh From Jamf Support "We have an issue filed against this, and it's slated to be fixed in 10.15." Sorry, I don't yet have a PI number for this. Will repost when received.

Update: The issue number is PI-007275.

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Hi there, wondering if this issue was addressed in 10.15 after all? Thanks!

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They will typically list fixed PIs in the release notes:

Release notes show that it was:

[PI-007275] Fixed an issue that caused Restricted Software to display a blank error message to users when an error message was not configured.