Weird printer policy error

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I have one computer that is giving me the following message when trying to run a printer policy:

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Executing Policy Xerox Centralized Print Queue
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Mapping Printer Xerox Centralized Printing...
CUPS error 1030: No such file or directory
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This policy works on other computers, and I've tried removing the management from the computer in question and re-enrolling it with Casper Remote, but I still get the error. I tried googling and searching JN but I couldn't really find it pertaining to just Macs or Casper. Has anyone else come across this error in their JSS logs?


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I haven't seen that error but it sounds like missing drivers/ppd

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I think this one I set with the generic driver because we use Ysoft on our copiers. Is ppd something I can copy from one of the working computers?

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I am running into this issue with some of the computers in my environment. The only resolution I have been able to find is disabling SIP. I am still looking into other ways to tackle this.