Well Apple was hacked

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Looks like Apple was hacked by IntelBroker. What are you guys' thoughts? 


Wonder what implications the release AppleConnect-SSO will have. It has not been updated since 2016 per the docs, but I would not be shocked to learn that its foundation is very similar to more current tools like Apples Kerberos SSO extension and possibly PSSO. Knowing the code base would make these tools much easier to reverse engineer for exploitation. 


Has Apple Been Hacked? June 2024 Breach Exposes Source Code, Hacker Claims (forbes.com)


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Hmmm.  Not sure, but it won't help - or it will help long-term making it more robust.

But I suppose that I will change my Apple Account pw for safety's sake...

Thanks for posting - haven't seen this!

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From what I have gathered it does not directly impact consumers, though changing passwords is probably a good idea. 

I'm interested to see what apple does in response, I don't see them taking too kindly on this with how apple prides themselves on security.