What Apple ID to use when setting up account

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 When setting up a new laptop for someone, what's the best practice for what Apple ID they should use?


I know this all depends on what the user wants etc. But would it be possible for them to just create an Apple ID using there work email for example to sign in? It's just they want to stop using there personal ones.

If they have a laptop that is being used by 2 or more people what Apple ID should they use, or is that not a problem as when they sign into the other account it will prompt them to sign into another apple ID? 


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I would recommend creating them a managed Apple ID in Apple Business Manager. There's not really a downside as the account is nearly identical to a personal account but it will help you avoid headaches in the future 

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If you guys need to use AppleID's, you need to create them in Apple Business/School Manager and send the user the PW setup email. Beyond using ABM/ASM there is no way to manage AppleID's, and you cannot force users to use a Managed AppleID as apple does not have a work flow for that for some strange reason.


You can federate ABM/ASM with your IDP to automatically generate appleID's using the users UPN or whatever format you pick.


My organization has decided using AppleID's is not worth it. Too little benefit, and too many security gaps with how poorly Managed AppleID's are handled on Apples side.

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I prefer none. I really do not love having to remove find my macs on returned devices, nor do I particularly enjoy troubleshooting iCloud issues, or questions about paying for storage when we're not using Apple services for enterprise.