What computer naming scheme do you use and how do you achieve it?

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As a company we are currently using $firstname$lastname as part of a script which pulls the information from console. Not ideal and would ideally like to change it something a little more private and do it in an automated way.

Would love to get feedback on how you all do it? Script? Manual? API? If you could share your workflows and scripts that would be awesome!



For our new clients we are using the scheme {company-name}-serialnumber and achieve that really easy with the jamf binary 👍

/usr/local/bin/jamf setComputerName -useSerialNumber -prefix "{company-name}-"

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We do it in a few ways, but the convention is simply "Site"-"Department"-"First"-"Last"
at least usually.

for BYOD I tend to use The MUT

For DEP we use DEPNotify to guide new users through naming themselves properly and then checking to ensure compliance.

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We have a formula that uses country, Hyperion code, three digit company code (we have over 200 different companies), 7 digits from the middle of the serial number, M to show it's a Mac, and a digit to indicate if it is a virtual machine. In total it's 15 characters long.

We gather country and agency during provisioning via a script. Then use that to create the computer name.