What goes with what?

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Hi all,

Is it possible to get a list/table/something that shows the relations of JSS objects?

For example:
An EA is being used in what and/or which Smart/Static Group(s), Advanced Searches, etc.
A Smart Group is being used in what Policy.

I think something like this:
• Show all Groups that use Extentions Attribute xyz
• Show all Policy that are scoped to Smart Group abc
I'm sure there are other relations but these come quickly to me.

Yearly, I go through my jss and tidy up. I find some old scripts, EA's, SmartGroups, etc.
Nice to see "This <jss object> is being used in here and there. Are you sure you want to delete?"

I killed an EA once which I thought wasn't being used that was tied to Smart Group that was Scoped to a Policy... and was like... fiddle faddle when I noticed the Policy was busted :(

I dunno if this makes sense.

Whatch'yall think?


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spruce (by Shea Craig) does a great job of showing you unused objects that could be deleted/cleaned up. with fun icons to boot.

check it out