What is the impact of lots of policies applying to a device

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Hello all, We have lots of policies, and we have them scoped out to smart or static groups. I'd like to have some that are custom trigger only. So that a tech could just run the policy from terminal or I could use Jamf Remote to execute that policy by command line.

So my question is, what is the impact if I have lots of policies applied to a computer(s)?

Thanks in advance, -Pat


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@ferrispd never hurts to shoot a support ticket to jamf for a question like this - I send them questions all the time haha

The only problem I've ever experience was the DB tables blowing up in the past which took some tinkering.

For Example, If you have an extreme amount of policies scoped for all or multiple machines lets say at recurring check in, it is possible to blow up your database depending on your database servers limitations. Now with the utilization of innodb, if you properly flush logs & have a spec'd out Server DB, this probably won't be an issue. But that is the only issue I've ever experienced.

In the way you intend to use the policies (custom trigger event) - you won't have any issues at all.

I'm a big proponent of granularity. For example, at enrollment, 50+ policies with custom triggers are deployed in sequential order from scripts utilizing the "jamf policy -event customtrigger" flawless execution every time no problem.

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I tend to have all my install polices scoped to all devices and called by custom triggers, other policies or scripts call the install polices as required and it is these that are scoped for applicability. Never had a problem, in fact I got the idea from a JNUC presentation that I recall was done by a Jamf staffer. The reason I do it is it makes updating the installs easier as only ever one policy to update. as mentioned above makes deploying policies in a given order really simple and I use a custom Jamf variable script for this my script is here