what is your new hire/onboarding setup guide for ADE Mac?

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I am curious to see examples or templates others have created that you may hand out or ship to users with their new Macs. what kind of basic set-up instructions do you send? Outside a nice 2-step sticky note ๐Ÿ˜

Our Windows/PC team prints and sends (nearly 10 pages) on setting up and accessing their computer (not shortcuts or useful tips, just how to connect to the corp network and such) ๐Ÿคฎ

for Macs, we do not bind, only deploy basic communication apps upon enrollment (teams, outlook, vpn) and security tools (av), depnotify handles those basic pieces, we have a guide in Self Service they can open to show them how to connect to vpn, the 3-step outlook config, and how to manage their password, plus other Mac shortcuts and tips.

My template consists of:

Welcome to ORG

A brief summary of the process

Form field for new hires ORG username, temp password, and email address

6 steps;
Power On, Connect to your network, Follow the prompts to continue and provide ORG username/password, "DEPNotify"/Enrollment will begin,
Logout to complete enrollment/FileVault,
Launch self service to install additional apps

a form field of their assigned technician's contact information.

its fairly to the point but would like to see if others have something even simpler or what has worked for them in similar situations