What is your solution for charging Apple Pencils?


We are looking at bringing in 500+ iPads into a school districting within the next year and are at a loss with what to do for iPad / Pencils. With previous generations we have just used the standard iPad Bretford carts but have realized this isn't adequate when dealing with managing Pencils in mass. What options are there for charging / storing pencils? I have tried looking for some sort of enterprise solution for charging pencils in a cart.

What we are really seeking is something similar to a 10-port charging station like what in the traditional USB configuration.

Right now, the only thing on the market are individual chargers.

What have you all seen? Maybe attaching USB power cables with the two-way Apple adapters is the best way to tackle this, but I'm sure there has to be a better way.


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Why not just use the iPads? 15 sec = 30 mins of use. More then likely the kids and teachers will forget to plug them in so whatever solution you use will end up being a paperweight anyways.