What's New on Jamf Nation - August 2018

New Contributor III

Hello Jamf Nation!

I have just a few items to share this month.

Jamf Nation – New Features and Improvements

  • Search Modifier –You can now exclude terms from your search results by putting a ‘-‘ symbol in front of the word you wish to omit from search results. Thanks for this feedback and feature request!

  • Emails – Many of you have noticed a big change to the look and feel of Jamf Nation emails. The goal of the project was to create a visually engaging email template that provided more useful metadata and adopted the brand standards used by the rest of Jamf’s communications. Your trust is vital to us and we knew that by having varying visual standards, we had an opportunity to improve, especially among newer users in our rapidly growing industry. The trade off has been disrupting the workflow and expectations of current subscribers. We hear your feedback and will continue to iterate. While no one design will be able to please everyone, we’re committed to continuing to evolve this new look and feel in a direction that is both utilitarian and within the Jamf brand. Keep the feedback coming!

  • New Badge – For those customers participating in the Release Candidate program, Jamf is saying an extra special thanks with a new badge. If you’re a Jamf Cloud customer interested in participating in the program and getting that sweet, sweet RC badge, please contact mike.scafide@jamf.com.

Jamf One – New Features

  • Introducing Jobs! - We’ve added a second type of content to the Community Tab with Jobs. We plan to add one more content type (Feature Requests) in 2018.

  • Filtering by Content Type - Today, this is just Jobs vs. Discussions, but will become more important as other types are added

  • Alert Badge - When a notification is waiting for you in Jamf One, you’ll see an alert badge on the Jamf One app icon.

Thank you and keep the feedback coming!


Release Candidate Programs Tester

Adding FRs will be a great addition!