What's New on Jamf Nation - November & December 2018

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Season’s Greetings from the Jamf Nation team! Here’s what’s new on Jamf Nation since early October.

Jamf Nation
- You are now able to manage JNUC Mini-Events, User Group Events, and Tags that you follow from your Follows page.
- Jamf Connect is now available on the Jamf Nation Store.
- A PDF receipt is now attached to receipt emails for purchased made with a credit card.
- Users can add their first iOS or tvOS seats and a Jumpstart during the Renewal and Mid-year purchasing process.

Jamf One
- Feature Requests can be created from Jamf One.

Thank you and keep the feedback coming!


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@Emily.Brown Love all the improvements ya'll have been making to Jamf One. Neat little app it's turning out to be! The other day my coworker installed it on his iPad and noticed that it seems to an iPhone only app. Any plans for an iPad app or should I submit a feature request for it?

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Hey @bpavlov! It is iPhone only at this time. Please do open a Feature Request for iPad.

Thank you!

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Why can't Jamf actually be proactive? Why must we always send feature requests for things that should have been implemented in the first place? There's one that I voted up earlier this year that has been in Jamf Nation since September 2013, and it's currently "under review". Since it has been over 5 years, my confidence in the feature request process is at a new low.

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