What's your AutoPkgr workflow?

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I've got autopkgr up and running in my environment and am working out best practices. Once the packages have been uploaded and tested, what's the next step in your workflow? We'd like our users to grab new software from Self Service - are you changing the scope of the autopkgr policy or creating a new policy? Any best practice advice is greatly appreciated!



We're recent adopters of AutoPkgr as well, and would welcome any thoughts on best practices!

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Hi @kaci.weirich and @althea — in case you hadn't seen it, I offer three example workflows in my "Auto Update Magic" page here: https://github.com/homebysix/auto-update-magic

If you want to deploy new updates to all managed clients using Self Service, it's a relatively simple modification from the default workflow. You'll need to create overrides for the .jss recipes you're interested in, copy the SmartGroupTemplate.xml and PolicyTemplate.xml files into the RecipeOverrides folder, and then edit the SmartGroupTemplate.xml file to remove the "Computer group is Testing" criterion.

Hope that gets you started! And better late than never. :-)