What Static User Group is This iPad In?!?

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Hello all,

From time to time, I get iPads back that have apps assigned to them through Mobile Devices. The iPads were assigned to a static user group so I can't go into each app and figure out which static user group they are in. I COULD go into each and every static user group and try and figure out where it is, but I'm wondering if there is an easier way.

Is there a setting in Casper where I could pull up a Mobile Device and have it show me what user group(s) the device might be in?

Is there a report I can run that would show all of the groups and what Mobile Devices are in those groups?

Any help would be appreciated!


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Search the iPad from the Mobile device tab. Click into the iPad you need. Click the Management tab. Click Mobile Device groups.863fa0e8503b4092b1eb171df88a464e

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For apps its just your scope for that app.5101bb0856394264a3fdc41d50d5cbe8

I'm not sure of any report that can be run.

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Hey @bosstone75

You can definitely run a report of the memberships of mobile device groups!

Click on Mobile Devices and then perform a blank inventory search.
At the bottom, select Export>Comma Separated Values(.csv)>Next>Mobile Device Group Memberships>Next

This will automatically download a csv file with the information you're looking for!


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Awesome Nation! This is just the info I needed! Thanks!