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Is there a way, either under the Mobile Device Tab or the Users Tab to look up a Static User Group or a Smart User Group and quickly see what apps are assigned to that group? (either under Mobile or Users). Thanks!
I'm noticing, as I'm testing out Web Clips that there is a behavior that won't work for me and I'm wondering if it's an expected behavior, or if something is wrong. I've deployed a Configuration Profile Web Clip to all of our iPads with the rule that...
Hello all, From time to time, I get iPads back that have apps assigned to them through Mobile Devices. The iPads were assigned to a static user group so I can't go into each app and figure out which static user group they are in. I COULD go into each...
I'm managing iOS devices (mainly iPads). Is there a way in Casper to identify what iTunes account is associated with a User or a Device. Surprisingly enough, I'm running into a few instances where people don't remember what iTunes account they accept...
Is there a way to remove/restrict the Music App through Casper? I've been poking around the restrictions and can't find the magic button.