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Hey Guys,

WE are getting the following error with the syncing of JSS AND WHD Asset discovery.

Has anyone seen the below?

Encountered error(s) during synchronization:

Error while getting next asset: com.mysql.jdbc.exceptions.jdbc4. MySQLSyntaxErrorException: Unknown column 'h.model' in 'field list'


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Hey guys,

reason Database Name is missing is that we don't now connect to DB, but we are using Casper API, so you have to use some Casper user to connect, not database user. Please check the tooltips in the UI of Asset Connection configuration.

Hope that helps,


@peter.kruty][/url Glazed over what was right in front of me. Staring at screen too long. Got it connected and syncing. I prefer using the API hook. The expanded tool tips are a nice feature as is the question mark quick link to documentation.

Thank you!

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12.1 seems to be working for me for Casper 9 Computers, however it doesn't seem to sync Casper 9 mobile devices. I don't think that worked with Casper 8 either but I guess I was hopeful it would now with Casper 9.

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Hi guys,

we have just released WHD 12.1 RC2, with

  • faster Casper 9 synchronization
  • new Mac OS X installer package, so now it does not display confusing notification about corrupted package.

You can find the new bits on Solarwinds customer portal under RELEASE CANDIDATES section.


I would love to get your feedback! Feel free to comment on RC forum:

or contact me personally on [peter.kruty@solarwinds.com](peter.kruty@solarwinds.com).

Thanks in advance,
Peter, WHD Product Manager

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Wanted to chime in. Peter replied directly to my email plea for help and we've gotten asset syncing straightened out. Happy to report that JSS 9.22 and WHD 12.1.0RC2 are playing well together again. Assets are syncing cleanly and properly. Good work, Peter!

(the solution for me was that I had neglected to select the new "Casper 9" discovery tool and was still trying to use the older "Casper" discovery tool in my WHD asset discovery settings. Also, check your attribute mappings to make sure they are all set the way you want before syncing).

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Glad it works! :)

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Damien are you finding the RC2 pretty stable in a production environment ?

Peter do you see 12.1 going to a final release soon ?

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We have just updated to the 12.1 release version of Web Help Desk. I'm going to set the Casper 9 discovery tool up later today. I take it that I just need to create a user in Casper that has access to the inventory records. Does the Attribute Mapping need to be tweaked ? Or do the stock settings come up fine ?