When did 'like' become the same as 'is' when setting up a Smart Group?

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I checked my Smart Group settings for Big Sur ( 11 ), which was set to an OS Version like 11.3.1 or like 11.4. an it only came up with 25 systems. I tried a few different ways, but I have to make an entry for EACH version of the OS (11.3.1, 11.4.0, 11.5.1, 11.5.2, 11.6.0) otherwise it doesn't count it. It used to work with just using 'like' to include all the OS versions. What did I miss and when?



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Hi Cnorris, 

As per my experience, I use the following criteria to get the above result

CRITERIA: Operating System Version

Operator: Greater than or equal

Value: 11.0

Screen Shot 2021-10-26 at 6.10.24 pm.png

The above criteria will show you all the devices having OS above 11.0

If this won't work for you then please let me know. 
Happy to help you more!

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@cnorrisAdmin In my experience, "Like" acts like a mask. "Like 11." would result in 11.0, 11.2, 11.5, etc. It would also result in 10.11.1 since "11." is part of it.  If you do "Like 11.3" when searching for Big Sur variants, it will only pull up things like "11.3.1, 11.3.2, etc".  I don't have much luck with the "greater than or less than" searches, but maybe things have gotten better in recent versions of JamfPro.

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My point was that the 'like ' filter does not perform like it used to. What I found is it filters the 10.16.x version formats like it has in the past, but with the new version format, e.g.: 11.3.1, it does not. so like 11.3.1 does NOT yield 11.3.1, 11.4.0, 11.5.6, etc. It only yields 11.3.1. I have gone over it multiple times, with the same predictable results.I am run-in 10.30 right now and will be upgrading to 10.33 soon, so hopefully it gets fixed in the process. In a way it doesn't make sense, because the 1st field just changes from 10 to 11, but the filtering characteristics should apply to the successive fields(after the decimal)