Where are profile XML files located


When you create a profile [whether using Jamf or macOS X Server] and install it - where does the XML get stored?

I ask because we're trying to create a profile to connect to the corporate wireless. Not a single person in the environment is familiar with the requirements on how to connect [networking group doesn't talk to AD group who doesn't talk to certificate group..etc.]

I used Centrify to pull the Group Policy to the system - which in turn created a profile that got me farther than I got on my own however it still doesn't work

I'd like to look at the profile payload to see what it contains but I don't know where the profile stores the payload at. Any help appreciated


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Once the profiles are on a client, the aren't really stored anywhere as the properties list you can download from Jamf Pro or Profile Manager. If a profile calls for an action such as binding, that action is executed, and the profile is recorded, but not really kept. Web clips, and likely some other things, are decoded into and stored in /Library/Application Support/ConfigurationProfiles. Most of the rest is stored in the mysterious, nigh untouchable /private/var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/Store database, but again, not in a format you could readily turn back into the original properties list.

The command profiles -vP will give you more of an idea of the profiles on a machine and what payloads they have, but probably not the detail you're looking for. Sorry I don't have better news.