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I have two connectors, primary and failover that are load balaced. The secondary is set up with the same server and client certs as the primary and they sit behind an F5. The both work individually thanks to input from @bradtchapman I'd like to fire ...
Our machine certificates are formatted by hostname.domain.comWithin the certificate payload, should I use CN=$COMPUTERNAME.domain.com or CN=$HOSTNAME.domain.com? I was hoping I could do it by DNS name only - but the Certificate payload requires a sub...
Is there a way via the JSS GUI to find whether you have a username in the system but no assigned Mac?I've only ever been told this can be accomplished with a MySQL search
Trying to create something for my self-service for the end user to send the local Jamf log to the server for the team to be able to review - although I've never run into an error like this. Grateful for any input Script as follows: #!/bin/bash ##Get ...
I suspect many of you in an enterprise environment are required to run N+1 like I am. I'm yet to find anything specific indicating whether you can run the ADCS connector and do load balancing via DNS. Does anyone have a setup for two (or more) ADCS C...