Where can I find composer?

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We have a Jamf Pro license and according to what I can see Composer is part of this. But I can not find this software anywhere when I log into the backend ? - Where can I download this ?


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You can find it in "My Assets" under your jamf nation login. You need to download jamf pro, this download contains: Composer.app, Jamf Admin.app, Jamf Imaging.app, Jamf Remote.app and Recon.app

Hi dsavageED, 

This is an old thread but could you assist me?:

1. I have this jamf nation account - personal one. 

2. My new company uses Jamf Pro.

3. Do I add the jamf pro to my account or somehow is there a way to link them together?

If not, how do I get the composer using company's jamf pro account?


Thanks again~!

I have this exact same issue, I can't figure out how to connect my personal JAMF Nation account to my companies Jamf Pro account to download Composer and whatnot. Anyone know the answer to this? 

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arh thank you 🙂

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This is apparently included in a package called Jamf Pro now if you look for it under my assets and dont see it.

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@user-SzxzrtllbH This question was asked and answered 3 years ago.

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Where do I find the whole "my assets part" in "new" jamf nation?

For everyone who's looking for this. Found it here: https://account.jamf.com/products/jamf-pro