Where is the JSS REST API Resource Documentation

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I'm looking through the Release notes of JSS 9.8 and it says to refer to the API Resource Documentation. Is this only located at https://jss.local:8443/api or is there a PDF version somewhere?


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Not that I know of. @brysontyrrell has a great Unofficial guide. Here

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Far as I know, its only the URL from your JSS. While it would be nice to have a PDF version, I imagine it would be a bit of work for JAMF to keep that up to date, or maintain different versions of it based on JSS version. Its easier to just update the api documentation built into the JSS. That way when you access it from your JSS, you can be assured you're looking at the latest documentation (for your version of the JSS anyway)

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The API documentation is that https://jss.company.com:8443/api page.

I imagine your referring to the note about sending remote commands in there from the API.
Since I was curious about this too I was playing with this new functionality.

Syntax would be:

To Lock a device

curl -k -u user:pass https://jss.company.com/JSSResource/mobiledevicecommands/command/DeviceLock/id/3 -X POST

or to Update Inventory

curl -k -u user:pass https://jss.company.com/JSSResource/mobiledevicecommands/command/UpdateInventory/id/3 -X POST

or to Lock multiple devices

curl -k -u user:pass https://jss.company.com/JSSResource/mobiledevicecommands/command/DeviceLock/id/1,2,3 -X POST

Similar logic for commands on computers as well:

curl -k -u user:pass https://jss.company.com/JSSResource/computercommands/commands/DeviceLock/passcode/{passcode}/id/1 -X POST