Wi-Fi certificate and deployment help.

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At my location, we have a secure network that requires a certificate installed on our MacBooks in order to access it. The certificate lasts one year, but with the way things are set up currently, a user has to bring their laptop to us in the IT office in order to update it.

Basically, without direct access to our switch in the office, there's no renewal possible.

I'm looking for a way to deploy this certificate remotely to save some time. I apologize if this isn't worded well or is an easy fix. I've only been using jamf for a short period of time so I'm still learning it.



Hello gnpunk,

Just need a little more info, I would assume you are using an 802.1X network? Also is there a radius server in use for authentication(ISE,Aruba,etc)? You can create a cert and push the network config with a configuration profile in Jamf but will need to know this additional info.


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Are you using device-based auth? If so it would be worth reading through this thread in the first instance. That is where we started.

Otherwise, this blog post might be useful.