Wide-Area Bonjour / PaperCut & FollowMe Programmatic Deployments? in OS X

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The end goal is to be able to automagically (via self service or policy or via an imaging task) to add AirPrint printers to a given OS X workstation.

  1. Wide-Area Bonjour for AirPrint is up and working and tested. We are using Presto. Works across all subnets/VLANs and iOS works just fine. (LOL - both CISCO IOS and Apple iOS are happy). We used the DNS "trick" method published on Presto's website. Works for PCs as well who have the AirPrint drivers installed. All mapping / firewall issues are tested and working.

  2. PaperCut is the print server. We are using "FollowMe" printing made available via Bonjour.

  3. Everything works if the user manually adds the AirPrint printers. I want to add it for them. Especially as one use case are Primary School students using school-owned laptops, whereas the Secondary School kids are BYOD. So, no need there.

Since "AirPrint" is not a "driver" per se, lpadmin doesn't have anything to offer on the man page.

Has anyone tried this?

- Mike