Getting Silverlight to work with a certain sites


I have users that go to which requires Silverlight. For a while now users complain that the site tells them they need to update Silverlight or they need to install Silverlight. All these users already have the latest edition of Silverlight. Iwas looking a 2 different ways to fix this but I'm not sure how to push the fix out.

Fix #1 is to go into SafariPreferencesAdvanced and uncheck "Stop plug-ins to save power". This seems to work but I read it will consume much more power, especially with all the Flash content.

Fix#2 I think it will work if I go to SafariPreferencesSecurity. Under Internet plug-ins there is a box "Manage Website Settings". In there, I can tell Silverlight to Always Allow to run with the specified website and to 'Ask" when visiting other websites. If this works, I think it would be the better fix to implement.

Now my problem is that I dont see any Configuration Profiles or MCX preferences that manage these settings. Does anyone know of a script or terminal command I can run from the JSS to deploy these settings?

I tried doing a snapshot in Composer of system file changes and it comes back with a change to the However I'd rather find a different method than pushing all my Safari preferences to everyone.




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@msnowdon, something like the following should help: