WiFi Configuration Profile not loading during DEP... Even though it's ticked

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Hey guys,

So when we get a Mac out the box, we connect to an SSID which is separate to our main WiFi network, but will still use the same network creditional. Then when the MDM settings are bought up they install all the policies that we want, except for the WiFi policy, even though we've ticked it on Jamf to be installed during Prestage Enrollment.

Anyone have any idea?


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Is it a user level profile or a system level one? If it's user level, that might explain why it doesn't install right away. In my experience, sometimes user level profiles only apply after the first restart.
Also, this IS a profile you're talking about right? I ask because your post title mentions Profile, but later in your post you say "WiFi policy" but policies and profiles are different things as I'm sure you're aware of.

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@nomad123 Is it concerning to something similar maybe..?