Wifi - configuration

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Hi All,

Hope someone can share on how they have configured the WIFI settings.

So for our windows based devices, we are using device based authentication + certificate. We are using cisco tech for our networking. I'm not exactly sure how to accomplished this on the mac, because we are not binding it to AD. I mean we have some binded for testing but then how do we go about the certs. I prefer a cloud based solution if possible without the need for binding.

Any suggestions?



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We're doing this using SCEP and a WiFi config profile.

  1. Certificate subject: CN=$SERIALNUMBER.domain.tld
  2. Subject alt name (RFC 822 Name): host/$SERIALNUMBER.domain-tld
  3. Allow all apps access

B. Certificates:

  1. Internal CA Root cert (allow all apps access)

C. Network:

  1. Set SSID (hidden, auto join)
  2. Security Type Any (Enterprise)
  3. Protocols
    1. TLS
    2. Select SCEP cert from A above
  4. Trust (Identity cert)
    1. Select SCEP Cert from A above
    2. Trusted certificates (check box from B above)

That should be all of the important pieces. The step C.4 Trust stuff is new as of Monterey.

The "host/" part of the SCEP SAN may or may not be needed. It could be a quirk with our internal setup.