WiFi hijacking Ethernet

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Has anyone experienced WiFi taking precedence over Ethernet in macOS 10.14.5? We've seen that although the Mac is connected on Ethernet; set first in service order - the Mac uses the WiFi . This causes a lot of problems during enrolment in our case.

Grateful for any/all feedback.


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I personally experienced this issue one time when I tried using the Internet Sharing service (macOS 10.14.4).

Eventually the Ethernet was shown at the top of the network service order after the WiFi was re-enabled manually.

We also requested our technitians not to use Ethernet when they enroll a Mac computer to MDM.

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Out of curiosity, what hardware are you seeing this on? With the advent of T2 chips, I've found that I can't completely turn off wifi. It still gets an Apipa address which then triggers our security agents to want to block things.