Wifi Profile not applying

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Hi all,
Happy New Year.. I hope everyone had a nice holiday break!

Am running SL server with JSS 8.62
Using Configuration Profiles and noticed that one of my Profiles are not working, or at least the way I understand it to.

I have a Config Profile called 'wifiTesting' that is using Network with one payload. This payload contains:
Network Interface: Wi-Fi
SSID: my ssid name
Hidden Network: FALSE
Auto Join: TRUE
Proxy Setup: None
Security Type: Any (Personal)
Password: the correct password
Verify: the correct password

And it is scoped to one Mac (10.7.5).

The Profile is in the Profile Pref Pane on the client machine and it's reads verified.
(I see other Profiles as well and they are working as expected.)

The thing is, I am asked to type in the Password of the SSID on the client when I want to access this SSID. Of course if I tick 'Save password in Keychain' then it stays there.

I was under the impression that this Profile I made is supposed to add the SSID along with the password so I don't have to do it after I image a machine.

Thanks in advance!!



I'm having the same issue. Has anyone found a solution?


I think I just saw this addressed in the latest point release. 8.64
Might be wrong though.


Still happens for me in 8.64.


The issue seems specific to the Wi-Fi password not being copied to the System keychain when the configuration profile is installed. I have not been able to determine why this is happening. Any input on a resolution would be greatly appreciated!


I found the cause for me---Wi-Fi must be turned on when the profile is deployed. If Wi-Fi is turned off at the time of the profile deployment, the password does not get stored in the System keychain. 10.8.x bug?