Workflow Strategy for New JamfCloud Instance

New Contributor II

Hey all,

We're new to Jamf and still getting our terms straight to communicate questions effectively.

My first question is, we're sort of stuck at the initial starting point and I've got two questions that keep coming up:

Do we perfect our configuration profiles and policies in pilot and then ask our users to enroll?

Or is it better to just have users enroll with the minimum settings—with minimum disturbance to their current working environment—and then start creating policies and configuration profiles based on what we see in inventory?

How did your organization get started?

Thanks all!


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I would say get devices enrolled and worry about policies and profiles going forward. Before distributing a policy or profile to all of your devices you want to test it against a small test set of devices or in an entirely separate test environment. A bad policy or profile can have detrimental consequences if pushed to all of your devices. Always TEST, TEST, and TEST again before pushing to your production devices.