wrapping an application in apple script, then mass deploying it

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It's Friday so I figured I would ask a ridiculous question. I have an application that is a super pain. It is actually a Windows app, wrapped in the cross over API that runs on Intel Macs. The app itself runs well actually but it needs to map to a network drive to connect to a database. So, if I manually map the drive the app works great and if I point the app via the app config file to the shared volume it will not try to map it next launch. The problem is, the DB is on a novell share, and the Novell share has AFP running and if I manually map it before I launch the application it works great. Since OS X maps network shares in /Volumes it keeps looking for that network share in /Volumes, well if it isn't mapped it just errors out. I have tried putting the afp:path oshare in the configuration file and still no dice.

So, I am in contact with the developer now trying to get a solution, but just in case as a back up, I figured i can wrap this thing up in an Apple Script that will mount the share in question (each user will authenticate to the share with their LDAP credentials) and then launch the app after the mount has been verified.

Anyone want to give me any pointers?


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What about a login automount with WGM ?