Xcode 12 / 12.0.1

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Anyone else having problems with Xcode installing since version 12 was released?

We install Xcode as a .pkg that is created from the App Store extract script and have never had any problems.

Since Xcode 12 has came out, roughly 1 out of 5 machines gets this error message:

An error occurred while running the policy "Xcode Install Test" on the computer "xxxxxxxxxx".

Actions from policy log:

[STEP 1 of 5]
Executing Policy Xcode Install Test
[STEP 2 of 5]
Downloading Xcode-12.0.1.pkg...
Downloading https://euc1-jcds.services.jamfcloud.com/download/c2c84564de0c4c63a1e00bdf338cfb8a/Xcode-12.0.1.pkg?token=xxxxxxxx
Installing Xcode-12.0.1.pkg...
Installation failed. The installer reported: installer: Package name is Xcode
installer: Upgrading at base path /
installer: The upgrade failed..

On those machines, it just will not work, even if you uninstall with AppCleaner etc

Has anyone seen this?




Not sure if this failure is due to Catalina since I would assume you are trying to install in Catalina? I attempted to run the App Store Extract Script on its own and it fails in Catalina. But since I cannot extract the new Xcode in Mojave since it will not install in that version I just resorted to using JAMF with Apple School Manager. It will be good to know if you get it to work.

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I downloaded the XIP file from the developer site, but I can't make a PKG in Composer with it. The file size ends up being 4 KB. I can make a DMG fine, but some machines have disk image restrictions and won't open it.

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@davidjess ,
It may be something specific to that type of build. We are waiting for VPP setup to complete, but need Xcode 12 installed now. I used the XIP and command line tools from the Developer site, with a cache policy, then install cache policy with the classic postinstall script and have no issues. @PhillyPhoto , check your version of composer. I was in pinch, so I ended up building this as a .pkg on a Mojave machine with Composer V 9.97 . hth

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It's definitely not Catalina - all our machines are on Catalina. And it's definitely Xcode 12 - as Xcode 11 works fine, never any issues.

There's something about the Xcode 12 pkg that's created with the App Extract Script, but I've not quite put my finger on it yet.