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Does anyone know if DEPNotify is still being worked on? I know someone opened an issue on this already on the git page, but was wondering if anyone here knew.
Is it possible to use the API to install a configuration profile on to a device? We have a network profile that has to be manually installed by our techs as they're setting up the machines. If I can run a policy that has a script that runs an API cal...
I setup a test config profile with the Proxies payload for our HTTP/HTTPS proxy. When installed, we get prompted to go to System Preferences to enter our credentials like normal, but when we go to a specific network interface like WiFi > Advanced > P...
With the new firmware being released tonight, I wanted to make sure I could see what versions (of the very limited number) are in our fleet. I threw this EA together, hopefully it can help someone else out! #!/bin/bash result="NOT Found" if [[ $(syst...
We want to keep track of when certain things happen on a device (USB drive plugged in, HDMI connected, etc). How can we monitor events in the system log and archive them for review later? Our review period might fall outside of when they naturally ge...