Xerox Secure Printing Printer Configuration and Deployment

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Has anyone been able to configure and deploy Xerox Secure Print Queues with saved settings and PIN?

Our infosec department is requiring all new printers to use secure printing. Our new printers are Xerox and our backend is using a Windows print server. We configured a secure print queue and saved the settings with a PIN of "123456", and then added the configured print queue to Casper Admin. However, the queue only arrived partially configured: No saved "Secure Print" preset with PIN. (See below pics of steps taken).

Is this not doable in Casper Admin?



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My first guess would be that some of hose advanced settings are not part of CUPS. It may be a separate plist. I suggest doing a snapshot before and after setting up the printer to figure out if there are extra Config files outside of a normal CUPS printer. Then you can package them up along with deploying the printer.


For the scripting path, I normally use lpadmin to create printer options. There's a flag to change the JobType to Secure, but can't find an option for storing the pin. Same if you log in via the CUPS interface. You can set the JobType to Secure, but again no option for storing the pin.

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Looking at exactly the same issue. I did a capture and am looking at My concern is that Xerox has username and machine name as entries so I really want to remove those entries or have the package use values appropriate for the user (not me). Still testing.

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@pblake Thanks: We are trying to capture plists today, and deploy with queues. We are doing multiple queues in our test to see how multiple devices work together using this method.

@jduvalmtb Thanks for this link. We may need to take this route if the capture method does not work

@etbain we don't have to deal with queue/device authentication: These Windows print queues do not require authentication when adding because all our Macs are bound to AD, and users authenticate when the log in. The biggest obstacle in front of us right now is deploying saved presets each queue; and also deploying an initial request for setting a PIN code for each queue per (user/machine?), or a blank PIN that the user would have to populate. Please update the thread with your findings as we will.