XSAN Server Mount Delay

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I know that not many people use Xsan servers but we have a Quantum Fiber server set up in our building. The issue seems to be that there is a delay of the computers recognizing the Xsan server. We push the profile out through Jamf and they seem to think Jamf might be the issue (I disagree). The computers have virtually no restrictions from Jamf that should keep it from mounting.

Has anyone had any experience with using Jamf with Xsan servers that could maybe shed some light on to why the computers could take a long time to recognize the server?


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The issue could be the number of “slices” in the virtual volume. We created a mount script that essentially mounted the drive as the last item of startup. Although we did not use jamf, you should be able to use the command line mount volume command for xfs and cause it to mount after the computer has recognized all the underlying luns