Yosemite, Imaging and Proxies


Hey all,

Having a bunch of fun attempting to image using 10.10.3 / 10.10.4 (Base OS created using AutoDMG - latest version). JSS v9.72 running on 10.8.5 Xserve.

Basically the issue boils down to after Base OS and imaging time packages get laid down, post image packages/scripts get copied to local disk and machine reboots it sits at the Casper Imaging curtain screen and NEVER reboots back to login screen.

I can SSH into the machine (first boot script takes care of that) and export jamf/install and system logs and there is a ton of entries all relating to softwareupdate attempting to call out to apple and also com.apple.security.xpc and AppleIDAuth requesting credentials etc.

This all works flawlessly using the same scenario with a 10.9.4 Base OS an the same FBS.

With Yosemite I have experimented in the FBS using no proxy information, just turning on AutoProxyDiscover and hardcoding user credentials for HTTP/S. I would expect there to be problems with no credentials being applied however when I ARD into the machine (limited functionality) that is stuck I can see the HTTP/S configurations have been applied however the system cannot reach the internet and subsequently cannot reach Apple servers to complete whatever requests it needs.

I have asked by network engineer to allow proxy bypass for a test machine and bam, imaging finishes in the appropriate time relating to the configuration chosen. I realise not all proxy server configurations are the same (I imagine none at all) but would like to know people's experiences with Yosemite, Casper Imaging and proxy servers and whether anyone has had problems with a machines not rebooting after post-image installs have "completed".



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Just out of curiosity, is there any reason that you aren't using an internal SUS?

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What about installing your proxy configuration as part of your base image in AutoDMG ( I am assuming you are using AutoDMG)?

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I second @dwandro92's recommendation of internal SUS or even a caching server.