You got your icon in my chocolate!

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We upgraded to JSS v9.2 from JSS v8.73 and the app icons in my iOS Self Service catalog are incorrect. It seems to have used a small subset of the icons and distributed it to all the apps instead of using the legitimate icon originally downloaded from iTunes.

Anyone else encounter this problem?

Any suggestions on how to fix? We have a large catalog of apps and I want to avoid loading them all into the JSS again.


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Hi there.
We saw the exact same behaviour when we upgraded to 9.01. I had a look at the database, and the "mobile_device_apps.icon_attachment_id" field appears to be pointing to "icons.icon_id" field. From what I can tell, the "icons" table only had icons that were uploaded for the computer policies, there is no mention in any of the records of any of the mobile applications. So I think something in the upgrade has incorrectly pointed the "mobile_device_apps.icon_attachment_id" field to the icons table.
Long story short, the only solution that myself and a number of others I have contacted have come up with, is to go through and download the artwork for each of the apps and re-upload it. It's a frustrating position to be in, but as no-one could tell us what was going on, it was the only thing we could do.

(Note: having said that, I noticed some inconsistencies when I was re-uploading the app logos, for example, I put the evernote logo back onto that app, and it appeared also on Google Drive... I think it's buggier than I originally thought, but I've got more pressing projects to deal with right now so I'll worry about that later).