your opinion please - distribution point failover options.

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I have a variety of workstations computers running 10.6 > 10.8 and soon to be 10.9 on what could only be called a 'sketchy' (bandwidth) network back to the JSS.
Am constantly getting errors on workstations 'Mounting smb:// to /Volumes/MacDiskImages 1... Error: Could not mount a distribution point.
When going to that workstation, it is able to mount the share but the ability to connect seems to vary on (physical) lab traffic.
So I have been thinking about setting up an alternate dist box (either in a VM or in a mac mini that is physically closer to the lab computers), but would like to get some outside opinions about SMB or http or .... what do you use for your distribution points?


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We use a combo of both, we have SMB deploy points in each office, and then failover to a deploy, so when they can't hit the office one for whatever reason, it grabs the files they need from a https deploy..