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Jamf Pro 11.4.0 Beta is now available

Hello Jamf Nation! This release is in support of the Apple Spring release. We have several exciting new features including beta MDM support for Apple Vision Pro, Self Service initial app detection, Support Digital Market Act app restriction, and more...  View more

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Security Update 2015-005 Yosemite

Does anyone know if Apple pulled this update? It originally came out alongside 10.11.2 El Capitan and Security Update 2015-008 for Mavericks. I updated my computer with it yesterday and was preparing to push it to a batch of test systems today. Howev...  View more

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Block Cookies for specific website

We use a website bigchalk.com that we have problems accessing every month or so. The company tell us we have to delete cookies for the website - does anyone know if there is a way to create a profile that will just block cookies from that website on ...  View more

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Cloud hosted SMTP source IP range

Hi, I've been looking through the discussion and knowledgebase trying to find this information. We are using the JAMF Cloud solution, and would like to configure the SMTP sender to use our Mimecast email system. In order to allow this, we need to all...  View more

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Chromebook Management?

Is anyone using an MDM for Chromebooks? There's the Google Control Panel of course, but the interface is pretty clunky and doesn't have any of our other stuff in it. I looked briefly at using Merkaki a while back, which might be a nice spot to track ...  View more

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Xcode 7.x with El Capitan

Hey guys, I'm wondering if anyone found a solution for this yet.We have environments where Xcode needs to be run without granting admin privileges. We used to manage this with creating a custom Xcode installer. The contents are the following: Xcode d...  View more

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Terminal Question

Anybody can chime to see how I can change "com.apple.mail" to point to com.microsoft.outlook using the defaults write command or any other ideas would help. We currently block all users from using the Mail.app so we cannot change it from there. Graci...  View more

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VPN Installed Configuration search

Is there a way to search for a VPN Configuration profile, if I know the name? Basically, I need to find the iPads with this VPN configuration installed, and delete it manually. Thanks.  View more

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OFFICE 2016 Mac Repair Library

I used composer to create DMG for office 2016. However after i image an computer And launch Office 2016 i get OSX needs to repair your library. Any thoughts as to what the cause is?  View more

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AD login on wifi....

hi all... i have been reading all posts regarding users login to AD on wifi on laptop for first time... and not getting it to work... Normally, users get to login on their laptop for first time while they are connected to network... then they can log...  View more

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Tracking and banning VPN usage (high school.)

A number of our students are up to no good because they have installed either a VPN app, or VPN services on their iPads. This has been banned at our school because we don't want student's by-passing our firewall. How would you remove this from a stud...  View more

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LaunchDaemon Delivery

I'm curious if there is a generic method [or generally recommended method] of installing a launch daemon onto a Mac, using Casper. (Specifically I need to use a daemon to launch a command at specific times/dates as root.) Since the launch daemon is e...  View more

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Wallpaper Modifying in a configuration profile

I found this option to disable the modification of wallpapers in a configuration profile. So I built a custom CP to test it out and it still allowed me to modify the wallpaper....anyone else played with this before?  View more

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Installing certificates in Yosemite

I am trying to install the certificate for our firewall into the system keychains on my local users. Our firewall uses deep packet inspection on encrypted traffic and the cert needs to be in place to prevent errors. I created a pkg to upload the cert...  View more

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EL-Capitan cached

I have been able to cache el-capitan and users can go to self service and install it. Is there a way for me to force the macs to reboot and install it on its own we are trying to get everyone to be on the same OS and its been a year and half and I st...  View more

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ActivInspire disable check for updates

Hi all,In ActivInspire, is there a way to remove/disable the "Check for updates..." in the Help menu, or from ActivInspire Dashboard (Menu View/Dashboard/Configure/Check for updates)or from the Preferences/edit Profiles/Online Settings? Is there a pl...  View more

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Sophos Anti Virus 9.2.8 app and package

Hi All we used to generate SAV mpkg from enterprise console. but i found there is no mpkg file anymore, only with .app file. so I'm not able to deploy .app to all via casper admin and jss. i also tried to create a pkg with Composer, but after i deplo...  View more

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Indexiing stuck?

I set a dmg of the OS indexing. iThe progress bar has gone all they way across - it went all the way in about 20 minutes but has been showing as "indexing **.dmg for the last 3 hours. How do i know if its completed? The package is 7.75GB's.Thanks Joh...  View more

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Stiff-armed by Apple (spoiler: this is a rant)

Help me JAMF Nation, you're my only hope.... I am the sole proprietor of my company's IT department (approx. 75 units), a department I've been growing from scratch for a little over a year and a half. I do it all: Casper Suite, Network Services, Clou...  View more

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HP Drivers keep showing up in Software Update

I could have sworn I saw a thread on this not too long ago but I can't find it. The problem is that computers that have HP drivers (the ones from Apple) installed on them continue to have Software Update show pending HP Drivers waiting for install. A...  View more

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Config Profile, to set flash to auto update..

Right now I am using a script to update flash...and I was thinking that I would get out of the update business by creating a profile to set flash to "Allow adobe to install updates" Anybody done this? if so can you share? : ) Thanks C  View more

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Enrollment starts only after reboot

Hi When I enroll a computer with DEP I need to go trough this steps: Run setup assistant (accept configuration, create account etc.) Reboot Wait until enrollment starts Why do I have to restart the computer? PreStage Enrollment looks like this: Use e...  View more

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