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Any way of Forcing Restricted Mode = STRICT in the on iPad?

Seems the default for the is Restricted Mode is "Don't Filter".

Without individually going to each iPad and turning them ON, I would like to be able to Force them to be STRICT.

Don't see anyway of doing that though.

We have set the DNS on our Router per Google's instructions, which is now "OVER" blocking our computers. Videos that should not be Restricted are being blocked as Restricted (ie serving on a jury, really???). We are getting by that restriction by using SafeShare.TV and adding a ?clean=1 to the end of the urls.

BUT, the is getting by all the filters and allows people to view anything. I have a feeling it is because on a web browser, the setting is Restricted Mode ON, but in the on the iPad it is Restricted Mode STRICT.



We set this at the Content Filter.

And as you have found Strict is almost too strict.

We use Moderate for our students.

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Hi Joelande,
How exactly did you do that in the content filter.

Treat me like a complete noob. ie click here type this etc.

I do not understand how you managed to set this from the content filter when all I see is a url filter.
did you enter in something like Permitted URL - add - = strict???


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