Zendesk Jamf Viewer. help needed

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We would like to use the app Jamf_Zendesk that we found in the marketplace.
I was able to get the app installed but I'm getting the "Retrieving info from Jamf Pro...Please Wait!" notification.


I use Jamf Cloud.

here settings we use : domain: company.jamfcloud.com (or alias.company.com)

fullUrl: https://company.jamfcloud.com:8443 (or https://alias.company.com:8443)

token: base64 encoded as username:password

On the other hand, we use a DNS redirection (alias.company.com) with port 8443 which points to our company.jamfcloud.com instance.
We did this so that we wouldn't have to re-enroll our computers when migrating from Jamf On Premise to Jamf Cloud.

We try with or without the port number :8443 too but without success.

Also, when I read "token", I'm not sure I understand.
You must create a user in Jamf Cloud with all read access only and then encode the "user: password" created in base64. That's right ?

Thank you for your help


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We are experiencing the same issue on our jamfcloud instance.

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Too bad because I can't find other applications like this.
We will uninstall it.
Thank you.