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I am looking for a way to do AD based authentication on a ipad.

the Mac's are easy i can just do AD identity cetificate and everything works perfect, but im having issues coneptualizing the ipads.


Since Ipad's dont bind to AD, the solution for the macs doesnot work.  our wifi does allow for AD authentication and we can connoet to it using username and passwords.  we are now manualy setting up every device on the wifi with their own account, we do want to automate that a little bit.   If need be we would want to be able to disable the account to disable the iPad.  our manual setup right now will allow for that however we do not want to keep doing 1000's of ipads manualy.


The solution i can kinda come across is this

connect the device to provisioning network, and download the conifugration

as a part of that config, we push down a WIFI configuration to connect to the actual wifi,

If i leave the username/password blank in the configuration this works, but we need to manualy enter the username and password for each device which effectively is doing the same thing we are currently doing. The problem is, we do not want our techs to NEED to cross referance the SN of the device wtih which account it is associated with which ipad.

If i enter the username and password into the configuration, every device will connect to the wifi with the same account. (which is not what we want)

i CAN create a unique profile, for each device and assign it to each individual device and this will work... but that is 1000's of profiles that i would need to manualy build. and log which goes to which (belive it or not i dont want to do 1000's of point and clicky builds) so i would need either another solution, or a way to script building these prifiles.

And i dont think you can script profile builds can you?


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You can pass the username to the device as a variable in the profile.  The user is then prompted for their password.


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