Zero-Touch 11.6 Update Process For Lab Machines?


Hello folks.

I'm currently reading through all the articles on 11.6 and am now thoroughly confused as to whether there's a functional workflow to upgrade all of our lab Macs to this current iteration of Big Sur... specifically, one that requires no user interaction at all, as we need to trigger them outside of teaching hours.

Almost all of our lab estate is Intel. We flattened and rolled them all up to Big Sur 11.5.2 a few weeks back. We have one lab of M1 devices and I know they'll be a nightmare, but thankfully the relevant key seems to be escrowed back into Jamf ok, so I'll test with the Mass Action route as soon as we upgrade Jamf to 10.32 this evening.

As far as intel goes, none of our old policies seem to do anything now, and if I take the recommended route of running a 'softwareupdate -iaR' commmand, I can see the 11.6 update downloading and the Macs being blessed for a restart, but then nothing applies.

Is there any workflow that can accomplish this at present?


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It looks like there is a product issue related to updates and Big Sur...