Zombie print jobs

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Not sure if anyone else has come across this but I'm seeing an issue where machine will randomly start sending print jobs that had been successfully sent to the printer weeks or months ago. The jobs will continue to send regardless of how many times you attempt to cancel them. The jobs are not listed on the print queue when logged in as the local admin but are listed when logged in as the user who sent it. Running "cancel -a -" as root doesn't make the jobs go away.

Background information:
I've got 50 Macs being used by an art department in a high school setting.
The Machines are running OS-X 10.8.3
Printers are mapped via JAMF on startup as part of a static group configuration. Prior to using JAMF, when we included the printers in the image itself, we didn't have this issue so there's a correlation between using the printer assignment and this issue.

The only solution I've found so far is to go into the CUPS folder and manually delete the print cache using
the following:

Log in as local admin and run terminal sudo bash cd /private/var/spool/cups rm -r d0* rm -r c0* exit exit

By the time I've been notified about this the printers have already churned out multiple copies of the print jobs. The print jobs consist mostly of student's art work so they eat through expensive toner and paper fairly quickly.

Any ideas?