Zoom.us Outlook Plugin deployment

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I'm trying to determine the best way to install the zoom.us outlook plugin using JAMF. From previous experience, the Outlook plugin for Zoom.us does not work unless the outlook account is set up prior to installation. So, I've found a great script to use for automating the Outlook account setup for a new user, and now I need to add a line to this script that will create a custom event trigger to run a policy that will install the zoom.us outlook plugin after the account setup is complete.

Here's the script to automate Outlook account setup

I am a scripting novice at best, and I'm not sure where the best location for this trigger line would be, or how to call it properly. My hunch is that I should put it into the 'cleanup' section, like this:

    do shell script "/bin/rm $HOME/Library/LaunchAgents/net.talkingmoose.OutlookExchangeSetup5.plist"
    writeLog("Delete OutlookExchangeSetup5.plist file from user LaunchAgents folder: Successful.")
    **jamf policy -trigger OutlookConfigDone**

Does that make sense? Is that the right call for the code? Or, even better, has anyone successfully deployed the Outlook pluigin for zoom.us in some other way? Thanks in advance for any help!